predictive pcos lab test | at-home
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predictive pcos lab test | at-home
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what parameters will be measured?

general instructions before the test

  1. fasting of 10-12 hrs (FBS)
  2. Inform if you are on any kind of medication, have allergyand underlying medical condition
  3. Avoid heavy exercises, alcohol consumption, smoking, drinking herbal teas, or sexual activity


I was struggling with irregular periods and I booked this test online upon consulting my doctor. The test was conducted very smoothly. Felt no discomfort.
A friend of mine asked me for suggestions to take up a test for PCOS. I told her about this and she seemed really satisfied with the whole process.
my aunt suffered from irregular menstrual cycle, my sister whose a gynecologist told her to take up a test, it seemed really easy and affordable for her.
I am really scared of seeing blood. The staff were very understanding and took care of the entire process very safely and I felt very comfortable.
My irregular periods were scaring me. My doctor suggested the PCOS screening test. My boyfriend and I decided to take up the test through an online slot. Kindlyhers was very convenient and helped us avoid lots of hassle.
I was apprehensive of booking medical tests online as I had heard about so many such scams. KindlyHers is very responsive and genuine. The payment process was also very simple.
Was super nervous about the needles, but I had a very comforting experience as the staff ensured I felt okay at every step.
After i saw my mother struggle with irregular periods, i told her to take up a test. A medical team was fired by them to take this test at the comfort of our home.
Genuine and safe. Glad to have gone through with Kindlyhers. It's good to have empathetic product producers. I'm quiet satisfied.
Had gone through an online booking the last time and I had a terrible experience. Kindlyhers was so different and I would recommend it to anyone.

find answers to all your possible questions!

How do I know if it is PCOS?
Can I reverse PCOS?
What can I do after I receive the test results ?
How will I get tested for PCOS and its types?
When will I receive the test results?
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