female fertility lab test | at-home
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female fertility lab test | at-home
at home collection
free gynaecologist consultatiton
reports in 24-48 hours
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find root cause
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covid safety

what parameters will be measured?

general instructions before the test

  1. fasting of 10-12 hrs (FBS)
  2. Inform if you are on any kind of medication, have allergy and underlying medical condition
  3. Avoid heavy exercises, alcohol consumption, smoking, drinking herbal teas, or sexual activity


My husband and i were struggling alot with pregnancy for two years and it was uncomfortable for me to go to a gyne. So it was really helpful to get my tests done at home.
Me and my boyfriend are getting married in two months and we thought of getting fertility tests done for both of us but it was difficult to find open-minded doctors. So it was very helpful when I found out about kindly’s fertility kit
the fertility kit is easy to use. it is good that thye follow up with consultation. getting tests done was never this easy.
Using this test was most helpful because it took away all the struggle of going to the clinic and waiting for hours. It was a quick and easy process and safe too. saved a lot of my time and was very effective
My husband and i have been struggling with conceiving and were skeptical of going to a doctor. Kindlys at home test kit solved both of ours problems and we could finally get some consultation.
I used this fertility test for myself and am very satisfied with the results and kit. resolved my doubts and problems. hopefully, i can work on smaintaining good health now with guidance. took a lot of stress and guess game away.
I recently came across this test and my friend actually recommended this to me. I am grateful for this because i was relieved with the process and result.
I like the packaging and hygiene maintained by the team in the whole process. And the consultation with doctor was also very helpful.
Using this fertility kit was a good decision the team got back to us in 30 hours and answered all the questions and doubts.
The test was convenient and the team was helpful too. The doctors got back to us with reports and consultations. I finally have some hopes for conceiving. Thankyou kindly

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